LUIGI CARBONI, Come code di lucertole

Luig Carboni was born in 1957 in Pesaro, where he lives and works.

“In the large house live different people…; in common they have the idea that this house must be known thoroughly, room by room. His tenants have walled up the windows because they no longer want to distract themselves by looking at the landscape.”
Luigi Carboni

In Carboni’s large oil and acrylic canvases, the layers are stratified, and the space is not that of traditional paintings with a precise logical perspective. Here, the eye is led to break down the parts to decipher the prevailing black stroke that draws decomposed bodies and deliberately disproportionate hands in poses that are sometimes seductive, at other times violent, or even dormant.
These disjointed bodies emerge from flamboyant surfaces and create works that, in the words of the artist himself, “question form in the moment of its revelation; they are an attempt to fix something that fails every time. The sign on the surface becomes complicated, thickened, urgent, pulsating, and squirming like lizard tails (come code di lucertole).” The title originates from this concept and is the idea underlying the entire exhibition.

Come code di lucertole, 2023
Critical texts by Alberto Fiz e Alberto Zanchetta
Translations by Jennifer Karch Verzè
Edited by Arti Grafiche della Torre
112 pages


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