LYNN DAVIS, Modern Views of Ancient Treasures

Lynn Davis is considered one of the most refined photographers on the American scene. A student of Berenice Abbot, one of photography’s myths, and a friend of Robert Mapplethorpe, the “maudit” photographer in the New York limelight in the 1980s, Lynn Davis makes her bow in Venice with one of her most refined series of large photographs, all centred on the epiphany of places sacred to humanity: monumental tombs in the middle of the desert, temples rising up like stalagmites from the plains, and hieratic figures emerging from the mountains. These are the images that the photographer prefers today in her constant search for a place “outside time”, one that can transmit to humanity – today as much as yesterday – a sense of the absolute.

Photo Album, 2012
Produced by Michele Alberto Sereni and Beatrice Barbuio
Signed and numbered on the reverse.
Limited edition of 30 copies


 15,00 ( + IVA 22 % )

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