July 1975

Lynn Umlauf (Austin, 1942-New York, 2022) uses a combination of pastel, water and gum arabic in his works, which through moisture transforms the paper of the panels into concave surfaces with slightly raised edges.

In Lynn Umlauf’s works, colour is the protagonist. Colour is its purpose, everything begins and ends with colour. The colour takes a form, usually the artist works with two colours, the forms begin to be the subject, a coloured form.

Each of his works consists of a series of sheets, each studied either individually or as part of a group and hung on the wall directly with pins.

Lynn Umlauf has been exhibited in major galleries such as: Galleria Polena, Galleria Milione and at Studio la Città.

This artwork was published in the small Lynn Umlauf catalogue of the exhibition held in the city of Ferrara centro attività visive Palazzo dei diamanti (21 October-2 December 1979).

July 1975, 1975
Pastel and gum arabic on paper and canvas
Signed by the artist on the back
cm 104 x 125


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