Still Rose

Marcela Cernadas lives and works in Spain, Italy and Argentina, wher she was born in 1967.
Her researches and artistic productions include photography, videos, installations, sculptures and performances.
Marcela’s works explore fundamental concepts of human existence – love, life and death – with references to worship and devotion in contemporary art.
Slowness and refinement are inherent of her modus operandi,  as in these precious photographs, in which the rose, a recurring symbol of sacredness and beauty, is at the center of a formal investigation on light and its representations.

On display during the exhibitions “Cenacolo” and “Vetro”:


Still Rose, 2017
Inkjet prints on extra smooth cotton paper
Ed. 3/3
cm. 30,5 x 35,5
cm. 32 x 37 x 3 with frame

 1.000,00 ( + IVA 22 % )

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