#studiolacittà began as a daydream by Marco Neri who has said, To make a show titled #studiolacittà in the gallery of the same name was for years an aim that I postponed until the time was right. I have always thought of it as a poetic itinerary on the cusp between visions and concepts, distant but at the same time necessary, and I developed it in secret until I could complete it. Given that what was in my mind was more an artistic project than a curatorial one, I had to share it with another artist whom I considered a kindred spirit, besides of course with the gallery bearing the name that inspired the project. And so it was after meeting Luca Pancrazzi that the active phase of the project was begun. The two have had the possibility of meeting frequently over the past two years, and so have been able to increase their knowledge and their respective relationships with the iconography of the urban and suburban, urbanised and anthropocentric, centrifugal and centripetal landscape.

Photo album, 2016
Project by Michele Alberto Sereni and Beatrice Barbuio
Numbered and signed on the back
Limited edition of 50 copies


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