Marino Marini (Pistoia, February 27, 1901 – Viareggio, August 6, 1980) was an Italian artist, sculptor, painter and engraver.
From the very beginning of his artistic training, when he attended the Institute of Fine Arts in Florence in the 1920s, Marino Marini produced his first engravings, laying the foundations for a vast graphic production that was to accompany him throughout his life. These works on paper, which precede, complement and mutually influence his sculptures, allow us to access the core of Marini’s genius, the progressive interiorization of his archetypes and the development of his identity as an artist.
In this engraving stand out the emblematic and chimeric figures of the Jugglers, who, alongside with Knights, Acrobats and Masks, populate the world of the circus so loved by the artist.
The presented work belong to the last years of his artistic activity, a period in which the tragic expressiveness, mirror of a looming threat, is combined with the man’s irrepressible aspiration to the happiness of living.

Drypoint, etching and colour aquatint
cm. 76,50 x 57,00 – Ed.IV/L
etching cm 50,5×37,5 on Vélin Rives paper cm 76,5×57
Catalogo Ragionato dell’Opera Grafica n. A 221
75 examples ( 1/75 – 75/75 )
50 examples ( I/L – L/L )
20 P. A.

(work not framed)


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