Mario Consiglio (Maglie, Lecce, 1968) lives and works in Berlin and Perugia.
Consiglio debuted at the end of the 80s with a series of three-dimensional works between sculpture and the object with organic shapes. then he discovers a material very suitable for his poetics: Lycra, a soft fabric but with a consistent structure, such that it can be used in various very original ways, also to create the pieces of a mosaic. The lycra then has a wide range of colors that allows the imagination of the artist to create the works most congenial to him.
In the last period he devoted himself to drawing using the most different materials.

Senza titolo, 2021
pen, enamel, pencil, marker and Uniposca on paper
cm 29,7 x 21
with aluminium frame cm 39 x 34


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