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Max Cole was born in Kansas in 1937, lives and works in New York and feels very strongly the Indian American ancestry of her origins. Since the mid-seventies she has dedicated herself to painting using traditional techniques. In his paintings, usually large canvases, he superimposes on a structure consisting of horizontal lines, thousands of fine perpendicular lines, very close together, which fill the space. The horizontal lines form the backbone of the composition and hold up the others, like branches and leaves. The result of a deep passion, it is an art far from the postmodern currents and their aggressive and explicit language.

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Monography, 2000.
This book contains dialogues with the artist curated by Maddalena Magni, Laura Mattioli Rossi and Emanuela Poletti; essays by Richard Vine and Reinhard Ermen; interview with Giuseppe Panza di Biumo by Laura Mattioli Rossi
(English / German)
230 pages, hard cover, new
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