Conversazione con Max Cole DVD

Max Cole (Hodgeman County, Kansas, USA, 1937) lives and works in New York.
Since the mid-1970s she has devoted herself to painting using traditional techniques. In his paintings, usually large canvases, he superimposes on a structure consisting of horizontal lines, thousands of very fine perpendicular lines, very close together, that fill the space. The horizontal lines form the load-bearing framework of the composition and hold up the others, like branches the leaves. The result of a deep passion, it is an art far removed from postmodern currents and their aggressive and explicit language.

Conversazioni con Max Cole
Dvd produced by Studio la Città for her solo show in 2006
Giuseppe Panza di Biumo, Kim Wauson and Marco Meneguzzo partecipate
in the conversation.
Italian and English
produced in 100 copies


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