Richard Smith, (27 October 1931 – 15 April 2016) was an English painter and printmaker, one of the most influential artists of his generation.
After studying in the 1950s at the Royal College of Art, Smith stood apart from the burgeoning Pop Art movement of the 1960s by melding the slick and vibrant imagery found in the commercial landscape with an expansive abstract painting language very much his own. He gained critical acclaim for extending the boundaries of painting into three dimensions, creating sculptural shaped canvases with monumental presence, which literally protruded into the space of the gallery.
Also in this graphic – part of the series called The Logo Suite – the plastic sheets screen printed with the vacuum technique are kept in relief by wooden supports.
The image of the square sheets is almost hidden by the density of the color strokes, superimposed on the support, and the edge is divided into two, creating a mirror-effect: the two-dimensional materials are then transformed into a 3D shape.

C, from The Logo Suite, 1971
Vacuum-formed, screen-printed plastic in colors,
supported by wood panel
cm. 60 x 49,5 – Ed. 13/75

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