Under the title of “Midnight’s Children”, Studio la Città presented the works of three of the most important Indian artists of the generation of thirty to forty years old: Riyas Komu, Jagannath Panda, and Hema Upadhyay. “Midnight’s Children” is a title derived from the first and most beautiful book by the Indian writer Salman Rushdie; it tells of children born around the time of the Indian proclamation of independence, as a result of which they became “sensitive” and irrevocably tied to something secret and profound, quite independently of any kind of visible exterior element such as social class, religion, wealth, sex, or intelligence: in our particular case this should be understood as a metaphor for art language.

Photo Album, 2010
Project by Michele Alberto Sereni and Beatrice Barbuio
Numbered and signed on the back
Limited edition of 100 copies


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