ROBERTO PUGLIESE, Concerto per Natura Morta

For Roberto Pugliese, technology has never been an end in itself. The sound artist, who has been collaborating with Studio la Città for some years now, always puts in the foreground the vital flow, the sound and the technique as components of a happy interaction between the natural and the artificial. The large installations, characterized not only by the conceptual refinement, but also by the visuality of cables and loudspeakers as if they were organic elements, have distinguished him in the panorama of the world artistic-sound research. In the works presented for the first time with the exhibition “Concerto per natura morta”, the young artist’s path is enriched with new ideas and takes on an aesthetic in which technology and sound interact with natural materials. The large installation that gave the exhibition its title consists of 13 large trunks of chestnut trees, previously emptied with a machine built for this purpose.

Photo Album, 2014
Project by Michele Alberto Sereni and Beatrice Barbuio
Numbered and signed on the back
Limited edition of 50 copies


 15,00 ( + IVA 22 % )