40 Intersections (London A-Z), 2005

Steve Roden (Pasadena, California, 1964 – Los Angeles, 2023).

In Steve Roden’s universe, silence occupies a privileged place. It is a silence that is rich in imagery and enchantment, but also a silence that is part of a world that is simple and enigmatic, complex and regular. There is a continuous possibility of change in his works. The forms are elemental and seem to grow spontaneously.
In front of his colourful forms marked by minimal elements, one has the impression of observing an organic development. There is an inner growth in the morphologies that recall Klee-like style elements, but are characterised by more organic and less constructed rhythms.
Each element wanders over the surface of the cartoon seeking not visual concreteness, but a greater possibility of relationship. The viewer is confronted with a universe in motion.

The artwork was shown in the exhibition Steve Roden: Recent Work, curated by Valerio Dehò at Studio la Città in 2006.

40 Intersections (London A-Z), 2005
Graffite and ink on paper
cm 76.2 x 57.5


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