#03 ISTANBUL 2010

Vincenzo Castella (Naples 1952) lives and works in Milan.
Since 1975 he has used color photography and since 1998, he started his series on buildings. He makes visual narrative hypotheses about the complexity of the fabric and interweaving of the city, producing color prints from large and very large format film. His investigation is based on the concepts of distance and dislocation, with particular attention to the identity possibilities of the materials of photography.
A keen observer of the urban landscapes of large cities, Castella has shown over the years displayed an artistic journey that has traversed industrial realities, landscapes across the ocean with the African-American communities of Mississippi and Tennessee, Renaissance painting and architecture, and more recently has focused on the representation of the plant kingdom and nature in urban captivity. There is no opposition or contrast, but intricate logic about photography and about representation, light, colour, and point of observation.

#03 ISTANBUL 2010, 2010
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cm 20 x 25,3
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