Il libro di Padova

Vincenzo Castella was born in Naples in 1952, lives and works in Milan.
Padua, like many Italian cities, is a treasure trove of history and beauty. It is home to one of the oldest universities in the world which has a botanical garden of sixteenth-century origin which has been included among sites recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site.
A place of wonder, which has inspired artists and writers over the centuries.
The story of the city and its treasures has been entrusted to the photographer Vincenzo Castella who, with great skill, has been able to compose a symphony of images that leads us into the city. A silent tale, which opens up a broader reflection on Western European culture, of which Padua is one of the most precious emblems.

Text by Salvatore Lacagnina
172 pages
ISBN 9788836644704
Silvana Editoriale – COLLANA Hermes e l’Italia


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