VINCENZO CASTELLA, More Buildings for publications

Vincenzo Castella (born 21 April 1952) is an Italian photographer, guitarist and director. He lives and works in Milan.
For his solo exhibition in the new spaces of the gallery Ettore Spalletti has created a series of works – some already prepared, others to be completed for the exhibition – that create an internal dialogue and between them, between them and the space, between them and the atmosphere. Each work, in fact, can be considered individually, in relation to the others, related to the geometric spaces of the place, or in relation to the atmospheric aspect and changes in the light and air in which the works are immersed.

Catalogue made on the occasion of the exhibition “More Buildings for publications” at the art gallery Studio La Città, 2007
text by Stefano Boeri (Italian/English)
32 pages

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