Anna Galtarossa


Anna is the heart and, in fact, she has constructed a space in the centre of the gallery which hosts 5 sculptures hanging from the ceiling and that slowly, slowly, almost imperceptibly, spin. They are suspended bodies made from soft and coloured materials, art bodies that brush against us or that we brush against as we pass through the middle. Ghostly and spiritual bodies, as the artist herself says. Bodies against which we measure our own body, and this is where we find the Italian aspect of Galtarossa’s work, because the measurement of body and space is the hallmark of Italian art; it is something that cannot be lost even when

it adopts anti-classical forms and materials. According to the artist they are ghosts, the ghosts of art, or purpose-made by art, that confer a certain spirituality on the setting; not the gloomy spirituality of sacristies but, rather, of the delighted and festive little Buddha and the upturned world of carnivals: this is her kind of happy utopia. This is also what goes to create a spatial environment, this too made to measure: a sensitized space environment made fantastical by popular language, the language of kitsch which, being excess, is also an excess of beauty. (Giacinto Di Pietrantonio)
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Available works



Available works

  • Petit Trianon, 2018

    shopping cart, lounge chair, bamboo, newspapers, rope, plastic, metal, mylar, sequins, toulle, paper, pot, mug, cardboard
    280 x 110 x 250 cm

  • Il mostro di Castelvecchio, 2008

    wood, cloth, plastic
    130 x 100 x 55 cm

  • Divinità domestiche - borsetta della nonna, 2010

    various materials
    74 x 43 x 48 cm

  • Higgs boson blues (spilla), 2013

    various materials

  • Skyscraper nursery - Nursery helmet, 2011

    various materials
    170 x 60 x 60 cm