Herbert Hamak

Painting? Sculpture? The work by the German sculptor Herbert Hamak (1952) isn’t part of art’s traditional categories. He concentrates, rather, on the purity of colour, intensified by a knowing use of the resin-filtered light that is the essence of his work.
Hamak has often created a rapport with already existing situations, whether natural or monumental. His installation on the facade of Atri cathedral in 2004 was astounding; it was later reused on a permanent basis in the Bocconi university in Milan.

His are not the usual kind of sculptural interventions because Hamak uses the building, its facade, and various spaces as a painter uses the canvas and the stretcher. One of the keys to his art is landscape: the state and condition in which colour and three-dimensionality within space live together in perfect harmony. His most recent works present more complex forms than before: there is a further concentration on certain architectural forms as well as on various aspects of Renaissance painting. (Angela Madesani)
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Available works



Available works

  • H893N + H894N

    Resin and pigments on canvas,
    120 x 220 x 6,5 cm (dyptich)

  • Ohne Titel

    Resin and pigments on canvas,
    40 x 8,5 x 44 cm

  • H668N, 2003

    Resin and pigments on canvas,
    100 x 12 x 34,5 cm

  • S.T. H709N, 2004

    Resin and pigments on canvas,
    46 x 8 x 49 cm

  • S.T. H1090N, 2008

    resin and pigments on canvas
    29 x 29 x 20,7 cm

  • S.T. H1005N, 2007

    resin and pigments on canvas
    32 x 24 x 27 cm

  • H1335N, 2011

    Resin and pigments on canvas,
    19,8 x 19,8 x 4,8 cm

  • S.T. H1121NH, 2008

    resin and pigments on canvas
    40 x 40 x 21 cm

  • H1226N, 2010

    resin and pigments on canvas
    101 x 101 x 8,5 cm

  • H246N, 2001

    Resin and pigments on canvas,
    85,5 x 8,5 x 38 cm

  • S.T. H1388N, 2015

    Resin and pigments on canvas,
    156 x 23,8 x 7,8 cm

  • S.T. H1200N, 2003

    resin and pigments on canvas
    22,5 x 22,5 x 32,5 cm

  • H442N and H444N, 2002

    resin and pigments on canvas
    48 x 19 x 19 cm each

  • Untitled, 2014

    resin and pigments on iron base
    81 x 113 x 13 cm

  • ST, 2013

    resin and pigments on canvas
    81 x 81 x 20 cm

  • H1384V, 2015

    resin and pigments on canvas
    40 x 8,5 x 40 x 21,5 cm

  • H1387N, 2015

    resin and pigments on canvas
    40 x 40 x 8,5 x 20,5 cm

  • Colonna, 2004

    resin on steel base
    246 x 16 x 16 cm

  • Untitled - Colonna rossa, 2010

    resin and pigments
    340 x 21 x 21 cm

  • At the end of the rainbow, 2016

    resin and pigments
    74,7 x 121,2 x 34,2 cm



    installation view, Studio la Città 2022

  • Acque Solide, 2019

    installation view
    Studio la Città at GAD-Giudecca Art District, Venice

  • At the end of the rainbow, 2017

    installation view
    Studio la Città, Temporary space - Milan

  • At the end of the rainbow, 2017

    installation view
    Studio la Città, Temporary space - Milan

  • Un racconto in sei stanze, 2016

    installation view
    Palazzo Barbò - Studio la Città

  • PEL_7994

  • PEL_7832

  • A 1250876

  • HerbertHamak8

  • DSC_7409

  • HerbertHamak1

  • Herbert Hamak - Installation

    Arco, Trento 2007

  • HerbertHamak9

  • 03 dettaglio Artforum3@


  • The presentation of the new book about Herbert Hamak will be held at Studio la Città on Saturday 24 September at 11:30 am: HERBERT HAMAK 1992 – 2022. 30 years with Studio la Città.
    The book – Italian-English edition – contains unpublished essays by Marco Meneguzzo and Rolf Lauter as well as a selection of excerpts written by the most important curators, critics, museum directors, journalists who have studied the work of the German artist over the years.  CLICK HERE to participate. The book can be ordered on our shop online.

  • Studio la Città dedicates a very comprehensive exhibition-tribute to the German artist Herbert Hamak with works from the 90s to today, never exhibited before. The title, Kobalt Grün, Permanent Rot, Ultramarinblau Dunkel,  Permanent Gelb, suggests the German names of the pigments that Hamak uses the most to create his works. These, masterfully proportioned, layered and mixed with resin, result in a study of colour that can hardly be enclosed in a specific category. In the gallery from 11 June to October 29, 2022.

  • The works by Herbert Hamak and Julia Mangold will be included in the exhibition program of the ART STAYS Contemporary Art Festival, in Slovenia – various locations – from 8 July to 18 September 2021.

  • We are pleased to announce that Herbert Hamak’s Untitled – Rot PR170 installation has become part of a prestigious American private collection.
    Hamak focuses on the purity of color, enhanced by a skilful use of light which, filtered by the resin, shapes it and makes it different according to the different moments of reading.

  • The new resin works by Herbert Hamak are permanently exhibited at the Nespresso store created inside the ultra-modern Aventura Mall – Miami. Installation made by Ars Movendi – Firenze. Aventura Mall | 19501 Biscayne Boulevard, AVENTURA, FL – USA

  • Now on sale the brochure of Acque Solide exhibition with artworks by Herbert Hamak and Giorgio Vigna and an essay by Marco Meneguzzo (in Italian and English).
    To purchase please click here.

  • On 6 September Studio la Città returns to Venice to start off a new exhibition project curated by Marco Meneguzzo. On the island of the Giudecca there will be two solo shows, by the artists Herbert Hamak and Giorgio Vigna, titled Acque Solide: an antithesis that represents the common denominator of the works on show.
    September 6 – November 10, 2019 | GAD – Giudecca Art District, Venice