Studio la Città is pleased to invite you to view the work of six young photographers, all of whom have spent a period of residence in FABRICA (the Benetton Group communications research center) and whose photographs can be seen in the gallery spaces in six exhibitions starting from 21 November 2009. Their photographs are a testimony to how the particular view of women and the public reception of their work has matured, over time, arriving to a point of unprecedented vitality.

Over the past decades the success of photography as an art form has permitted many women to observe, both subjectively and independently, complex reality through the camera lens.

The greatly improved status that women have gained in the world, including within the field of the visual arts, has influenced contemporary creativity in a decisive manner and has left a permanent mark on the current debate about changes in society. The themes dealt with in these photographs put into focus the most controversial and discussed aspects of being a woman in various parts of the world.