Nick Cave

In the works by the American Nick Cave we meet up with the Other, even if we do not know if these fantastic suits of clothing are the barbaric result of a culture distant in time and space, or a prophesy of a possible future. His works take it for granted that the viewer is curious and compliant. Each of Cave’s works is an invitation to enter into it, to move together with it, and to feel just how fatiguing it is to become an Other. Even when placed on a tailor’s dummy a Soundsuit is ready to be worn.

The game of interchanging in his work is double-edged: we find ourselves faced with the whole array of exoticism, at least as we understand it, in order to place it in a safe place, a place guaranteed by the intelligence of sight and yet, for this very reason, unable to be touched. The distance thus created is sparked off by the viewer, at the very moment he approaches and attempts to understand the importance of man’s role in all this.
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  • Installation view, 2010

    Studio la Città, Verona